Intrinsic Solar Energy

Key Offerings

  • Innovative solutions that reduce the cost to own and operate facilities and support a healthier environment for all. 
  • Each recommendation includes estimated energy and cost savings, project cost, potential rebates and simple payback.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce both the energy consumed and the cost for that energy to greatly reduce your operating costs.
  • Utilize government incentives to decrease solar equipment costs. 
  • Once installed, a solar power system requires little or no maintenance, and the system will provide electricity  quietly and cleanly for 25 to 40 years.

Take Control of Your Energy Costs

  • Predict, manage and reduce your energy use and spending. 
  • Positively impact our society, all while reducing your utility cost.
  • Save 10% or greater on power cost.
  • Protect yourself from the ever-rising utility costs and price volatility.
  • Energy audits identify issues and, not only, reduce your electrical consumption but allow you to pay a fraction of what is currently paid for consumption.

Get a Good Return on Your Investment

  • Save 10% or more on your annual power cost. The same amount in other investments would most likely generate substantially less.
  • Government incentives and the decrease of solar equipment costs means the utilization of solar power is a sound investment and a good financial decision. These incentives allow solar power users to claim combined tax credits of up to 45% (30% Fed/15% State of Iowa). This reduces solar power start up costs and increases the profitability of the technology.
  • Investing in solar power generates both long-term savings and quick payback.

Minimal Environmental Impact

  • Solar power’s environmental impact is minimal. The technology produces none of the carbon, methane or particular emissions that fossil fuels emit, and it doesn’t demand large-scale mining or drilling operations. Since panel arrays can be placed on rooftops, solar power’s physical footprint is manageable as well.
  • By using this alternative energy source, your company can express its participation in the battle against global warming and can reduce the country’s dependence on foreign sources. By going green you will greatly reduce operation expenses and have an environmentally responsible image for your company. Because going green is the right thing to do!

About Us

We have worked with industrial gases and gas systems for decades. During that time, we have identified many methods to improve efficiency in using these various gases, thereby helping customers to save $$. We have also developed and built telemetry systems which can monitor gas systems on a real-time basis, helping to keep processes in control and manufacturing running.

With a lot of experience and focus on gas efficiency, we recently branched into electrical efficiency and solar power systems. We have approaches to solving these needs as well, again focusing on saving your organization a lot of $$ while reducing your carbon footprint.

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Please contact us if you think we can help you. We look forward to your call. 

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Intrinsic Solar Energy

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